BT Products and Services

SDSL Pricing

All SDSL pricing can be found at BT Broadband Office SDSL Pricing

Static IP Addresses

All SDSL connections are provided a single static IP address as standard (included in the price). Single static IP addresses are designed for use on smaller networks where Port Forwarding and simple NAT is sufficient. When this does not meet the needs, for example when you want to run more advanced systems and services (host your own mail server, web server, VPN server...etc) then it is recommended you use a range of IP Addresses.

There are two multiple IP packages you can choose from, 5 or 13 priced at £15 and £30 per quarter respectively. No minimum term contract applied to multiple IP Addresses however a £10 administration charge will be levied if the IP status is downgraded.

NOTE: BT's ranges of static IP's (except the single static) use a system called Peer Addressing to mask the WAN interface of your router with a dynamic IP. If you require the WAN interface of your router to remain static then please get in contact with the Technical Helpdesk who can talk you through the necessary setup

Web Hosting and Advanced Web Hosting

Information and Pricing of Web Hosting and Advanced Webhosting, as well as some other eCommerce packages can be found at BT Broadband Office Web Hosting

Internet Security Pack

Information and Pricing of the Internet Security Pack can be found at BT Broadband Office ISecP

Mail Relay and Reverse DNS

To use our SMTP server to transmit mail from your domain it first needs to be added to our whitelist, please contact the Technical Support helpdesk to process this for you.

If you are operating your own mail server you will require reverse DNS for the IP of the mail server in question. Full details on how to submit a reverse DNS request can be found at BT Broadband Office Help and Support